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60 pedal shaft pins

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Does anybody know of an easy way to remove the pedal shaft grove pins out of the cross shaft. Using a punch isn't working. Any ideas?
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Dynamite? Naw, even that wouldn't work, Dan. Something I haven't tried yet would be to heat the larger end with a torch, then let it cool awhile before using the punch. Something that does help is to grind the smaller end flush before using the punch. Those pins are tough!
Hope someone has a better way for you.

Dan ,Tom is right ,heat is your friend ,,the next step is to get the biggest punch ,you can get ,turn the end down to the size you need ,support the shaft from the ground up to the shaft,and hit the pin ,to much energy goes in the side of punch ,and not down .David
Yeah they are a pain, using a punch isn't working. Thanks for the info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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