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63 110

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I was at the expo in Springfield over the weekend and in the LG building they had certificates on a table from the horizon show for 63 110 owners. I looked at them and couldn't remember my serial number. My question is to anyone who has one, is the serial number on the certificate or no?
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Its not on the certificate just the little tractor that was laser cut. Wish it was Mitchell
I forgot to even look at that. It's alright someone got my serial number so it wasn't there. Thanks Mitchell
Someone on here might be willing to sell it I would put ad in the wanted section .
Chad what number are you looking for??

Is there a actual list of known 63 110 tractors on file anywhere. I am interested to see the close relationship of the latest 63 I have purchased and would like to add this one to the the list. I assume that there was a owner/ 63 list recorded during the show last year.

Jerry when our Registry (top of the page) is working there is a pretty good sample of the ones known to exist. Unfortunately the Registry has been down for a while. Roger
3425 is in Rushville IN and 2735 is in Lancaster PA
if that helps you out!!
Jim H
3521 is in my barn that might help also as I cant seem to change it on this registry you cant seem to update it ether.

I extracted this excel file prior to the registry crash - it's on all 110s and 112s upto the crash.

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