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65 JD clutch level assy mounting bolt ???

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I took my JD apart for cleaning and some painting and there were a lot of washers on the mounting bolt o=for the clutch lever and I want to re-install it correctly. Can someone tell me how the bolt and washers get installed and maybe a picture would help. I attached 2 pics so you can see what I'm asking about.

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Well you probably have a 65 110 and they came with that mickey mouse set up. The 66 and 68 have a special bolt with a shoulder on the inside and a washer and cotter/hair pin on the outside. I have my 65 110 washered up like your 65 110 also.
Should have said 66-67 not 68. With out the washers the front of the pto linkage just slid around and in on the pipe sleave.
Here is mine.. Just finished restoring this part also.

From a 65 110?

Do you have a tiller? I see the extra pulley on the mule drive.

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Yes, I have a 65 110 and I was able to put it back together again. I found the right washer combination and it works fine.

Bills, thanks for the pic's. That set up is a little different than mine.
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