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65 rf rear fenders

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Has anyone had problems mounting the rear fenders with the transmission in the forward position? I tried to put mine on tonight and the fender won't go on because it's hitting the footrest. Tractor has been apart for a long time and I don't remember if I ever had the fenders on after I replaced the belts and moved the transmission forward. I'm off to the manual to research this but in the meantime, thought I'd ask.


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I had a similar problem quite a few years ago and was told that it should work. Here's a link to that thread. I ended up using the rear bolts. Note that there is a left and right fender.

Cliff. I'm having exactly the same problem you mentioned. The fender will fit if I use the rear hole for the front bolt. The other two are slots in the frame and there's only one hole in the transmission mount. It looks like the only way to mount the fenders on this tractor is to slide the transmission mount back. I have the right fender on the right side, etc.

Hopefully, the belt won't be to tight with the transmission slid back.

Thanks for the input.

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