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'66 110 steering

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My '66 110H steering is absolutely awful. What sort of "test" can I use to determine if the slop is steering column related or something else? And one more question: Am I remembering correctly that there were only 1,000 '66 110Hs manufactured?
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Not sure on steering.. I'm sure someone here can help.
On the '66 110H question… there were only 1,000 '66 112 tractors made in their first year, of which maybe several hundred were "H" models. There were a lot of '66 110s manufactured… not sure how many hydraulic models, but they seem fairly common...
The way to check for steering play is to watch, or better yet, hold your hand on each steering joint while you rock the steering wheel back and forth, You can feel better than you can see. Don't forget to check output of the box and that the steering wheel is tight.
You probably have play in several joints plus the box.
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