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'67 110 not starting

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My 1967 110 (S/N ~70,000, 8 hp Kohler) suddenly stopped running and won't restart. It was running fine, plowing snow, when it suddenly quit. Right after it quit, I pulled the hood open and saw a bit of smoke coming up between the gas tank and battery. Afterwards, the GEN light would not come on and it won't turn over. After doing some checking, I noticed one of the wire connections to the starter/alternator was very loose, but after tightening that and the checking other connections, the GEN light does not come on and it won't turn over. I hoped to find something burnt, but didn't find anything. Any ideas on what the smoke might be from or what to check? I know the voltage regulator, solenoid, and switch are under the battery, but all the connections look ok.
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Welcome joe, I'm fairly new here, but someone will give you some good advice if your patient, this is a great sight
You may need to remove the starter/generator and check all the connections under the battery box with a test light or volt meter.
My guess would be this. The voltage regulator. The gen light connects to it. If you open the metal cover (2 screws) you can very very easily see if something has burned in there. The only other thing underneath is the solenoid. It should click with the keyswitch.

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Almost all of the wiring is also under the battery box. You may have a wire that had the insulation rubbed through and is shorted out. Roger
Sorry I didn't receive any email notifications that anyone replied, and I kept forgetting to check this forum (is there a place in account settings or somewhere to request this, or do I just need to check for replies?). I didn't find any burnt wires or wire insulation rubbed off. The solenoid does not click when the key is turned. I'll pull the cover off the regulator and check inside that.
Try the key switch. I've had them go bad before and had the same problems you are describing.
Joe there is no notifications on this Forum. Its up to you to check. Roger
I haven't had time to do much more with the 110 in several months, but I finally noticed that the positive battery cable had rubbed against the edge of the frame and shorted out (burnt away some of the insulation, but the wire is intact). I'm guessing that the burnt insulation was what produced the smoke when it quit. I opened up the voltage regulator box, and everything inside there looked clean and nothing burnt inside or at the wire connections. Also, I took off the key switch and checked it with a volt/ohm meter, and it seems to be working ok. So my question is-- when the positive battery cable shorted out, what would be likely to get fried-- the solenoid? And how do I check that?
Mostly what would get fried would be the battery. Roger
Well, it turns out that the battery tested as still good, so all I had to do was charge the battery back up and replace the battery cable that got burnt. After that, it started right up and I mowed with it today. Thanks for the help!
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