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'67 112 -- Couple of fuel leak questions

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I have a '67 112 that starts right up just fine. However, when the fuel is turned on at the glass bowl under the gas tank, it drips gas. There is also a small drip under the carb from the button you can push in under the carb bowl that lets gas out.

Any clues as to how I can fix these leaks. What is the button for on the bottom of the carb?
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Button is to drain carb a new button and seal come in the carb kits. I think you can get new sediment bowl gaskets from hapco if I'm thinking right.
I'll add just a bit to the discussion. The sediment bowl can be leaking at the cork gasket, the packing in the valve, or the hose nipple. If it's just running down the glass bowl, a new gasket will probably fix it. If from the packing nut, try tightening the nut just a little at a time. The needle will get too hard to turn if you overdo it.
I found some neoprene (?) gaskets in a "SunBelt Products" catalog at my local Deere dealer. They work much better than the original cork version. I'm not a "purist" so because it doesn't leak after removing the bowl for cleaning a time or two, I'm using them.
HAPCO also sells a complete bowl assembly. The easiest way to stop the leaking at the valve is to replace the whole unit. BTDT

The seal for that spring loaded button is the same as used on a Lawn-Boy push mower.
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