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67 112H Carburator problems

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I rescued a 67 112H that was left out in ten weather for years. There were numerous issues that I have worked through, but today I opened the carburetor and it was full over rusty sludge. I managed to get the main jet out ( I know I need to replace with the service set), but I am stuck with the throttle shaft really wobbles and I am not having any luck getting he screws out of the throttle plate. It is an LME 17. There is an LME 10 from a similar age sears suburban on ebay right now. They look the same and the mounting holes are spaced the same. Does anyone know what the difference is between a 17 and 10 and any guesses on if it will would work?
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Oh and I forgot to mention that the return spring on the throttle shaft is also broken. That prevents me from even trying to use it with the loose throttle.
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