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'69 140 fender deck decal part number

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Can anyone tell me the correct fender deck decal for my '69 140 H3? I think its M47181 but I thought I'd ask the experts. Merry Christmas!
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In case this helps anyone else out it was the M47181 decal.

If your 140's S/N is higher than 30,000 then yes the part number is M47181 for the deck decal.

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A 1969 140 would be under 30,000. What is your serial number Fritz?
Here's the decal info from jdparts for the early 140s (Those under 30000).
You'd see I'm listing the info for H1 & H3. There was a change at 10,000.
M45843 LABEL 1 10001 - (SUB FOR M43686)
M47181 LABEL 1 10001 - (SUB FOR M43691 AND M45844)
I think you need to look again,Fritz does have the correct decal for his 69 140 H3.For the triple lever it starts out at serial 10001-.Fritz's tractor is in the serial number range of 10001 - 22400 for that year.
Apologies - my mistake!!!!!

S/N for 1969 140's are at 10,001 - 22,400. This is where Fritz S/N should be. So I did get the correct decal number but incorrect S/N sequence.

Fritz, better listen to John Lang and Gary Behm on this one.

That's ok Ken, I'm sure everyone appreciates your great input here on the forum. When I first started looking up the information for this question I missed the fact that Fritz wanted info for an H3 and I found the one I used on my 1969 H1.
Here's the M45843 FD LABEL for the 1969 H1.

It is quite different from my other 140s.
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Here is an article on it. Looking for a bucket that would fit on the front quick hitch that is heavy duty. Don't think that they are in business anymore. Too bad I am not either an engineer or a fabricator. Thanks!


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I have been very satisfied with my Johnny Bucket SR on my 322 and they make several versions for the later tractors as well... I don't recall if the later ones use the quick hitch or are direct mount.

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Problem is that they don't have a direct fit to a 2305, only the larger X Series garden tractors for the Johnny Bucket Sr.

Another good option is the Buford Bucket.
He does not advertise word of mouth only.
If you contact him I am certain he can custom make you one.
He is always a couple months behind because he makes them by himself as they are ordered.
Excellent quality.
His email is [email protected] his name is Pete Liskey.
Great guy who does great work to boot.
Though it is not quick attach per say but it goes on with 2 spring loaded pins and 2 bolts.
Takes just a couple minutes to take it off.
Here is one on my 322.


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