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70 governor question

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Brought home another 70 this week. This one has a running VH70 in it. But it had the wrong carb on it and governor was not hooked up. Rebuilt and put correct carb on and it starts and runs great only issue is the goveror does nothing it moves quit freely by hand but does not have any tension at all even wile running the engine.When spring and rods unhooked the governor arm just falls down.Guess my question is,What could go wrong inside engine to effect this? is it an easy fix?Could someone post a few picks of what the inside looks like ?
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Steve go to the two threads underneath this that are talking about governor problems. Maybe 2 to 6 posts down. This has been discussed in detail with information on where to look for service books. For what its worth it is normal for the governor to fall freely in on direction. After you go to those threads set the governor, springs and linkage exactly as described in them. That may solve your problems. Roger
I started those two threads on 70 governor-carburetor below that Roger mentioned. I have not achieved success yet. Better luck to you. - Leon
I Have had no success either I`m thinking something must be wrong inside no movement to governor when running engine, also think I may have wrong spring link as it seems to long.So on for the hunt for new link. unless someone can give me the exact measurements that I can make one. Also might as well freshen engine up if I`m going to take it apart.
I ordered some 21 parts from Jacks Small Engines, including the spring and both carb to governor links. I received all parts promptly. I also ordered enough to rebuild the governor. Mine had oversped so much that the spool had dug into the bottom snap ring and was stuck in there.

Thanks Leon, I ordered a few things tonight.
Tore engine apart had to replace governor and spool. All works as it should now. Thanks for everyones help. now if I can only get it to start a little easier..
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