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70 heart transplant

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I recently picked up a model 70 with no engine. Other than that it is complete. I am in need of the engine drive pulley size. I am using a non-original engine so I don't think an original pulley will work. I am need of the pulley diameter and belt size. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Tim first welcome to WFM. The pulley size is 3 inches. The belt I don't think anyone can help you with without knowing how far and which direction you moved the original crankshaft centerline from the stock location. I put a Briggs 675 series in my 70 and the belt was 2 inches longer than stock. That doesn't mean yours will be though. What engine did you put in? Where is the engine mounted? Maybe some pictures? If the crankshaft centerline is in the same place just buy a replacement JD belt. Roger
Keep in mind too that if the engine you put in runs at a different speed than did the original Tecumseh, you probably ought to compensate for that in pulley size.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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