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70 money pit

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I repainted a once running 70 now after putting it all back together there is no juice to the starter.I have replaced the solenoid and the condenser and points.Still no power to tha starter.If I touch the positive cable to the cable to the starter it will turn over then.I dont know what to do or buy next.Deere says the rectifiers are no longer available and dont offer anything to replace them help!!!
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Mark sounds like one of the safety switch is not working i would check that out.
The person Im restoring this for wanted everything that has to do with the mower deck removed.So everything has been removed even the lever that turns on the mower deck.I have the safety switch hooked up and its just laying there.Can the safety switches be bypassed to see if thats my problem?
Take the two wires off and but a small wire in both wire ends to see if thats work for u, I had the same problem with my 70 and that took care of the problem.
Ok it was the safety switch THANK YOU Now it has decided that the starter is sticking on I probably need a new key switch now?
nope,sounds like the starter needs gone through.
The key switch has three settings off,run and start. The engine turns over on run middle setting.Could this be a points issue?
It could be a bad starter, i Had the same problem with mine.
No, the switch is either the wrong one or is wired incorrectly. Do you have a magneto ignition switch? If you have a non JD 70 switch it is possible the terminals are in a different place causing your problem. The points have nothing to do with cranking the engine over. Roger
Ill try another switch but its the original three prong one.
Update it was all a wiring issue.All fixed and done.Will post pics soon before its on its way to Colorado.Was a fun project now he wants me to restore his old LI tractor
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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