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70 Points and no spark

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Bought this good looking 70 and it was suppose to be a great runner. Didn't have spark, found points burnt in two. Replaced points and condenser and still no spark. What are the points on a 7hp Tec. set at when fully open? Also found a chipped place on one of the magnets. About 1/4 gone. Will this stop it from running? Bob 765 426 0772
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.020 is the point setting. You need to replace the flywheel because of the missing magnet. My guess because the points were badly burned someone put 12 volts to them and burned them up. He/she probably also burned up the coil. Roger
Roger I will try to find a flywheel. There is no reducer or anything between the switch and the points. You are probably correct the coil may be burnt. Thats my luck. Thanks Roger. Bob
The switch should only ground the magneto on your tractor not provide power to it. Perhaps it is a switch for a 110 battery coil system? Roger
I know it has power in the wire that went to the points. So she may be fried. Thanks Bob
If it had power (12 volts) going to the points then the switch is not the correct one and will continue to cause problems. Roger
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 70. Bob
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