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70 row crop

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I saw this at a show today. The small print on the hood says "ROW CROP". Sorry about the cell phone photo quality.
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I saw a 430 on Ebay a while back that was set up the same way but wasnt near as clean of a modification.....Cool looking little tractor.
These tractors feel unstable at stock height being so narrow, this one must be a trick to ride...
Haha..you're right Mike..I would hurt myself getting on that thing! Sure is cool though.

Looks more like a "High Crop" to me! ~~ Lowell
Its a scale "Hi-Crop".
I have a "row-crop" 70 I did a few years ago with a mid mount cultivator and rear mounted disc hiller. Repowered it with a 7hp briggs engine from a pressure washer.
I have used it to cultivate and hill corn.

Tom in Columbia
Tom Lavalette, Have any pictures of that row cropper?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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