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70 seat

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I got a 1970 70 I was wondering if any one has put a seat on one off a newer 185 or even a pan style seat
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That looks nice did it bolt up to the stock seat springs
You need to make a plate to do it. The original seat uses 4 bolts and the pan seat uses one bolt in the middle. If you look hard you might be able to see it in this picture. It is the black metal going across the seat spring and under the yellow seat. I will see if I have another picture and if I do I will post it later. Roger

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Here are the adapter pictures. The four small bolts are 1/4 inch diameter and the center bolt is 5/8 or 1/2 diameter. That would depend on the seat you would use. The 4 holes are spaced 3 inches apart one way and 8.2 inches apart the wide way. The yellow seat on my 70 is off a Sears Custom and is just slightly smaller than a RF seat and looks more to scale to me. You can make the same adapter with a 1/8 inc steel plate 4 inches wide by 10 inches long. Roger

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This is the way I am mounting a pan seat on my 60/70 project. I don't have the fender pan on, but
you can get the idea anyway. The seat and seat spring are from a Wheel Horse.


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Thanks guys now I got something to go by
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