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70 transmission

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My 70 is leaking fluid from the left axle seal and i was wondering what i will have to do to replace. I have never split a transmission this old so any pointers would be appreciated thanks - its 1974 if that helps
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Matt there are a bunch of posts/threads on doing the same thing on a RF or a gear fender. The transmission and the seal replacement is basically the same in both types of transmissions. There is just one less set of gears inside. The transmission was made by Peerless and the Peerless manual can be down loaded a bunch of places on the internet. The manual is called the Tecumseh/Peerless Motion Drive Systems Mechanics Handbook. The part number for the manual is 691218. The 70 transmission is in the three speed section. Easy to follow directs and basically the bible of this transmission. Roger
One of the major differences in the 60/70 type transaxle vs. the 3-4 speed versions used in the larger garden tractors, is the axle seal. The axle tubes, or extensions do not unbolt from the outside of the case. They are installed from the inside of the case. There is a bushing at the outboard end and a lip seal in the outer end of the housing. Oil must lubricate the outer bushing. The heavier duty types in the old gear drives have a sealed ball bearing in the outboard end, and an internal seal to keep the oil in the case.

When you take a good look at the manual Roger wisely suggests, the differences are easy to see. The seal in the 70 could possibly be replaced without disassembly of the transaxle. It is very difficult to do without damage to the axle where the seal rides. Not recommended, but not out of the realm of possibility.

A couple suggestions that may or may not be in the manual. If the bushings are worn, replace them. Otherwise, the leak can reappear in a short time.
Reassemble the tubes, case, and axle assemblies with out the seals. Then install the seals. Make sure all nicks, rust, and burrs are removed from the axle ends and use a thin plastic bag, masking tape or any better method of protection, to avoid damage to the seal from the sharp edges of the ring groove and key slot.
Let us know how it goes.

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i took the transmission out of my 1974 70 to replace the seals and probability the axle bushings. it worked fine other than the seals leaking i split it but as soon as i took it it off i saw a big gear that im not sure is in the right spot it doesn't fit on the gear right below it. i have the manual for the transmission but i don't see that gear any pictures help will be appreciated thanks

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now im thinking my transmission manual is not the right one but it says 1200 series 3 speed
Matt here is a picture of my 3 speed from a 63 110. Orientation slightly different but the gears are the same. It looks to me like you had it right. Why don't you think it is right?

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thanks i didnt think it went there because i couldn't get that gear down on the gear under like your is but ill try it again
If I recall correctly you have to rotate some of those gears to get them slide down. You may need to try several rotations until you find the correct alignment. Not sure if you planned to do this but the general recommendation is is to change the detent balls and springs while you have it open. Mine is open because it was jammed up. I now need to replace two gears. Both were damaged by a detent ball that somehow got loose.

Good luck
i got it to slide down on to it and i think ill replace the dent balls and springs i guess i just didnt try hard enough thanks!
If you have never done the detents before, they can be challenging. I would do it over a large old towel or sheet. Not bad to get apart, but they can easily fly away when trying to reassemble.
i think mine might be missing the springs and balls because there is nothing in the holes in the forks. how do u replace them?
Did you pull the forks off? You can't see them unless you do that. The hole you see is not where they are.
do i replace the seals in the axles input and brake shaft before or after i put it back together.
Never done a 70 but the 110 3 speed and 4 speed the seals go back in after it is reassembled. Obviously take out the old ones while you have it apart it is easier. Do you have a service manual or the peerless manual? The steps are laid out in the manual.
i do have the peerless manual but it doesn't mention seals in it thanks
is there a place to get the seals and bushings cheaper than deere is it possible to use bushing without the oil groove?
Not sure what bushings you are talking about. I only replaced seals, gaskets, detent balls and springs and got them through deere. Other places you could try are places like http://www.greenfarmparts.com/Default.asp or if you can figure out the actual tecumseh PN you try that route.
Bill I think by bushings he means the ones in the end of the axle tubes. 70s don't have bearings like a 110 has. Roger
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