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73 110 Questions

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Can anyone help identify what these empty plugs and the black box are on this JD 425 (red arrows.) They're on the left side of the motor. Should something be connected to these?


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Well, I've never owned a 425, but I was just looking at what I believe was that very part on the jdparts.com blowout today to reply to another message on this board....perhaps the ignition delay module.... which incidentally sells for $19 new. ;-)
Ive always used this forum as a reference but this time i cant find my info. I have a 73?(T0633 285581M) JD 110 10hp Kohler with electric lift. My dad bought it new and sold it to my grandpa in the 80's to use in the orchard. It sat for years because we had no use for it with the other tractors. I just recently fixed it all up because its the only thing i remember about my grandpa was cutting the grass with him.

A couple years ago before i rebuilt everything the lift motor worked fine. I now have 4 or 5 disconnected wires and when i put the plow on yesterday i noticed the switch is not working. The 2 wires(red and yellow) going to the motor dont have power so i am guessing i hooked the switch up wrong. I also recall a wire coming directly from the positive terminal as well, but isn’t one now. Can someone send me a wiring diagram?. The disconnected wires are Orange, Purple/Yellow, Brown(by switch) there is one disconnected brown wire by the ignition as well.

Is there a good article about rebuilding the 47 Mower? Or who sells a spindle kit for it.

The throttle arm will not stay in the up position, is this just the cable?

Also the clutch pedal will not come all the way back when depressed, took it all apart but cant fix it. Bad Spring?

I really enjoy this tractor, i have yet to actually cut grass with it though. Any one that can help me make that happen next Spring, thanks.
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