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74 110 Helper Spring

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I'm helping my neighbor with his L120 (might be a LT120, decals are gone) running a B&S 20hp Intek V-twin. It seems to have power but it will pop through the carb once every 30 to 45 seconds and hunts/surges at high speed.(rpms) We've had the Nikki carb off and soaked it for a day in a bucket of carb cleaner, we then adjusted the rocker clearance,(the clearance was way out of spec). The engine seemed a little better after the valve clearance was restored but after a few minutes it was popping again.
Any thoughts?
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If the valve clearance was off for a long time it could have burned a valve. Roger
As always thanks for the reply. I looked tonight at the ID tag. This L120 is a 2004 model. I highly doubt anyone ever had the rocker covers off before me so you are probably right about a burnt valve.
The clearance was at about .011, we re-set it to .004 as this is the spec we found on-line at B&S.
Eric that was mostly a guess. Usually valve clearance gets smaller not larger. Roger
I put the helper spring in the 110 last night. Is it normal for the spring to sit on top of the cross shaft for the brake or do I have the wrong mounting bracket?

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Does anyone have a picture of the correct bracket???
There are pictures of both of the brackets used. You need the year and serial number of the tractor to look at the parts page in www.jdparts.com. Roger
If it has the brake shaft it is either a 73 or 74 with a manual lift. Usually that type of spring is used on round fender and 72,73,and 74 with electric lift.
Here is how it looked on a 71 110 parts tractor I got
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