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!963 110 Kohler K161 Spec. #???

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Needs some help from other 63 110 owners. I am in the process of getting a new engine tag needed for Serial 2737, 110. I have the Serial # but was asked what the spec # was. Well I do not have it. So I ask if anyone has the original tag on there 63 to see what there spec. # is. I would assume that they would all read the same?? Any photos of one would be even better.

Thank You for any help!
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Jerry the spec number is on the engine not the serial number number plate. The engine number will read something like

Model number K161S
Spec number 42***
Serial number ******

That number will make sure the engine will fit in your application. I do not know what the three stars are in the spec number but one on our owners should have this for you. Roger
Jerry Jim Hartman has the Spec # for the 1963 110,s He has gotten me new plates for mine
Morning Brad,

Thank's for the insight. I know that Jim can give me the Spec#, but I didn't want to bother him this week. Vacation for Jim and his family.. So I thought someone here could help out.. I guess not.. One of our members had PM me the spec# for his 63. Thank You!! I would just like to reassure that all the 63 110's had the same spec#?? Again I would think they do but who knows until we start talking about it... Brad on a side note, you have a 63? Would you be so kind to tell your spec #?
Jerry My one 63 is spec # 28902E It is SN 3180, and my other one is Spec# 716710 and it is SN 2959

Thank You!!

Seems now there is 2 different spec #'s.

The spec# that was given to me by a fellow member is the same as your later 63. 28902E. I do not know where his 63 falls into Serial #, but it may be safe to say at this point the early 63's may have had a different spec # then the later 63's. Interesting!!

If any other 63 owner would like to add to this it would be great!!

I feel that we soon might find out that there maybe a third spec# or more, through out the 63 year.

Thanks Again Brad.
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Hello sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you and Brad. First Brad 716710 isn't a Spec# it's the engine serial number!

All Spec numbers were the same from Kohler which is 28902E for the K161 engines. I hope the link works for you. There is no serial number on the engine on the 63 110 as someone has mentioned I have had 14 63 110's still have 5 and not one had a number on the engine itself!
Hope this helps you out.

The engine serial number is on the Kohler Tag sorry if for the confusion!
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