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A 60 found me!

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I picked up a 1966 110 a year ago when I discovered the 1967 that is in the barn at Dad's in Ohio needed more work than I realized. Everyone told me that old Deeres are like potato chips and you cannot stop with one. It seems that #3 has come knocking on my door. A friend texted yesterday and his father-in-law has a model 60 that he is willing to send away for a very reasonable price. From the pics it seems complete and solid. They told me it has a new engine in it but needs a diode or two replaced. I will get a few pics up later today.
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Great fine on the 60 Travis. Yes they are like potato chips u just cant have one. I have a total of 6 now and always have an eye out for more deere's myself
Here is a pic of the 60 that hunted me down.

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Things that I have noticed that are different than the 70 that my brother has:
- Tires (these are the same tires on my '66 110)
- Steering wheel is different. This one is flat and the 70 has a dish to it.
Travis I think you need to look closer at the tires. They should be 6" rims front and 8" rims in the rear. 110s have 8" front rims and 12" rims in the rear. The width of the tires might be the same. Roger

I noticed the tread pattern similarity but did a poor job explaining that. Brain is faster than the fingers...
It is home! It is 1968 60 type code:t0910
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