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Adding hydraulic lift to 74 110

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I have a 38 inch snowthrower for sale, serial number M00246X556806. A potential buyer has a GT275. Anybody know if it will fit his tractor? The compatablity chart I have lists a 2462M code blower.
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The M00246X is a 38 inch thrower for the older 100 series lawn tractors, i.e. 130, 160, 165, etc. made in the late 80s.
Yes, I knew that much. I had it on a 165. My question is will it fit the later tractors as well?
It's not listed to fit a GT275, so I would say no, unless modifications are done. I'm assuming you know where the compatibility charts are (in the Tech FAQ section) since you mentioned you had one. Unfortunately I know of no one who has tried to put that blower onto a GT.
Yes, Terry, I do have the charts. Since it lists code 2462M I thought that perhaps code 246X might be an indicator of compatability even though they are obviously not an exact match. I have noticed such ambiguity in the past with the charts, where codes that do not match exactly nevertheless fit the other tractor.
I guess it's possible. Is it possible to trial fit the blower before your buyer buys it?
Definitely not a direct fit. 100 Series are lawn tractors, A GT 275 is a much newer lawn & garden tractor. A GT 275 requires a model 42 Snowthrower. (the kind that has a long black frame that slides under the tractor)
Been there done that.
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I have a 74 110 with manual lift. I would like to add the hydraulic lift. 8hp k181

1. Is this easily done?
2. Do I need to find one from certain years (I know kohler is different then tecumseh)
3. Can a tecumseh one be fitted to work in a kohler.


Jacob , one thing I learned here in the last month is the '72-74 110-112s don't have the required double pulley on the crankshaft . Make sure you procure one .

I've thought about acquiring a Tecumseh set-up just to see if I could fab a Kohler-correct mounting bracket . Haven't pulled the trigger yet , though .
I have two pulleys......but I'm guessing I'll need three? The outside one is for the front attachments. Anyone have a picture of the difference.

Don't have a photo resize program now. The whole pto set up has 4 pulleys on it. The part that goes on first is keyed to the crankshaft and it has 2 pulleys 1st; drives the belt for the variator 2nd; very narrow pulley drives the hyd pump. The other part has 2 sheaves 1; mower deck/tiller 2; snow blower or sickle bar mower.

note the main drive pulley has two pulleys (top one in the picture) - one goes to the variator drive and the other for the hydro drive

the pto drive pulley also has two pulleys - the inner one for the mower deck/tiller and the outer for the snow blower or other attachment for equipment to be driven off the front of the tractor
Thanks guys.

So I need to look for a 72-74 110 kohler donor?

No , hydraulic lift wasn't an option '72-74 & they discontinued the double inner pulley . I think all '66-71 110-112s had the pulley regardless of whether they came with hyd lift . If you buy kit , say on E-bay , I'd advise contacting the seller & ask if he has one . Might save you an additional shipping charge .

Thanks for the pic , Glen !
OK Dave now I'm confused. Other then buying a pulley that works......any square fender kohler would work.....no matter the year?

IIRC , Deere introduced hyd lift in '65 or '66 & continued offering it as an option through '71 . I believe all 110-112s during those years came with the required double drive pulley (see Glen's pic) , even if they had manual lift .

Then , from '72 through '74 the only lift option was electric lift . Electric lift doesn't require a pulley & Deere saved a little money by using a cheaper single groove pulley (your primary drive pulley ).

If you want a Deere , OEM hydraulic lift , you'll need to acquire an older double pulley .

To add further confusion , I'm not sure if all/any of the r/fender components interchange with the sq/fender stuff .
Jacob, I also have tossed the idea around of hydraulic lift on a later year 110-112. The PTO linkage is completely different on a 74 from when hydraulic lift was an option, so is the front section of the frame. Before sinking money in the hydro setup, be sure to have a plan for that unless all that you are doing is plowing or pushing snow. I have not figured out the PTO linkage just yet but I will keep you updated as I get it lined out. Let me know if you figure it out first.
Thanks garrett. Maybe electric lift would be a better option.

So would it be possible to switch it over to electric lift?

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