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Just picked up a 445 over the weekend! Noticed the temp gauge doesnt move into the green when operating the machine. The needle moves up to the white line when you start the machine....

Do these just run cool? Maybe the temp sensor is going out?


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I'd check the thermostat. It might be stuck open, or not even in there.
Nice tractor. Mine is doing the same thing. I tested mine by putting a 100 ohm resistor in place of the sensor. Gauge went right to the center of the green. Its the sensor that has only one wire to it up by the muffler.
Eric, My '93 425 runs on the lower end of the gauge too. I once changed thermostats and it read much higher. I found out, the replacement 'stat was rated at a higher opening temp. I replaced it with the original, which makes the engine run cooler, hence less flooding/hard start hot problems, which are known to be the norm with those early carbureted models.

A hot running engine, when shut down, can lead to a 'hot soak' condition the can boil the gasoline in the carb, causing flooding and hart hot restarts. The condition is lessened with the cooler thermostat.

Just my .02 cents worth.....
Today I found a 3pack LED Red color blinkers (pug shaped) for $19.99 in local Costco. They have magnetic mount and are made by FirstAlert (smoke alarm etc mfg). The set included 3 AAA batteries each and they look real sturdy. Has 2 lighting modes - flashing & steady - through a black switch on the top. Here are some pics if anyone is interested.

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