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Andy K's 1970 110 restoration

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Can anyone show me how the belt goes on a 116 for the 38 inch blower? Anyone have any pictures?
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Never mind we got it.

Thanks anyway.
Hello WFM.org...

I have been taking in all the knowledge on this site for awhile now and decided that I would like to share a restoration I am currently going through. My Dad bought me a 1970 110 about 12 yrs ago, with the hope that I would catch the green fever and restore it. I got it running again but did not restore it, I did not catch the bug. About 2 yrs ago for some reason decided to restore it, and the "green bug" caught me. This spring I tore into it and began with a bare frame. Everything is getting sandblasted, primed with buff primer and shot with a Deere enamel topcoat with hardner put on with a TP tools turbine system. I hope it will turn out good.
I have to say when the green bug bites, it is bad!Since I have decided to restore this tractor, I had to have all the equipment to go with it, and keeping in mind the 1 piece of equipment to one tractor rule I have since added 3 1966 RF 110's, a 314, a 1973 140h3, a 1979 50 dumpcart, a 1975 5b sprayer, a 31 tiller, intregal hitch, brinly plow and cultivator, a 43 front blade, 54 front blade, a 38T lawn sweeper, and today I picked up what I think is a Johnson 12? loader. My wife of less than a year thinks I am nuts! Anyway, I hope to post some pictures of my collection in the near future, and I will try to post some pictures of the current restoration. I also wanted give an up front thank you to WFM for being the best forum on the Internet today, such a great and friendly place for this hobby. Andy

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And some more...

I will take more pictures as I go. Andy
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It's looking good Andy,a lot of work isn't it!
Is that a new hood or the original,it looks awesome.
Keep the pics coming
Thanks Grant, yes it is a lot of work, but it is worth it to see these old machines restored mechanically as well as cosmetically. That is the original hood, this tractor was a local tractor that had very little use. The story goes that an older gentleman bought it new from a local (now closed) dealer. He supposedly used it the first summer to mow, and when he went to use it the next summer, it would not start, so in frustration he drove to town and bought something else, so when Dad and I went to the farm auction and bought it it had just been pulled out of the garage where it had been parked all those years. It truly was a time capsule. The hood had one small crack in the front from something falling on it, but was pristine otherwise. I seriously debated whether I should leave it as a survivior, but Kansas humidity had rusted some parts to the point they needed attention, so I decided to restore. I have more pics to post tonight. Andy
Wow Andy,great story behind it too!
Can't wait to see the end result,and what you do with all those other tractors waiting in the bullpen.


You need help.

I mean like a teenage son. You'd get more done that way!!!!

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Great job you're doing! Plus the fact you use the kitchen counter for a work space. Now I can show the wife I'm not the only one that does that.

Thing with teenage sons...sometimes they break more than they help fix things. Don't ask me how I know.

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I am moving along with the tractor and hope to get all parts except for wheels primed and painted this week. I drive the field service truck for the local John Deere dealer in Topeka, Heritage Tractor, so my evening time has disappeared rather rapidly these last two weeks. About everybody in Northeast Kansas is in early corn picking, so combine breakdowns will consume the next month and a half or two. Here are a few pics...

I purchased the hood decals and fuel tank decals from Hapco, as well as a new seat cushion. Awesome quality stuff.

I got the engine shrouds painted and put back on.
Not original but I chose to use stainless hardware on the engine, but I think for the next restoration I will try my hand at some kind of cad plating arrangement.

And finally the last couple pictures are of the next restoration, 1975 5b sprayer. The exhaust valve was seized so in between coats of paint on the 110 project I am taking the engine apart and fixing it.

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That's a very good looking job. What paint are you using?
Sorry about the sideways pictures, I must have goofed up pretty bad. I will not be using my IPhone anymore.

Ed Lincoln ,

I am using John Deere buff primer, blitz black, ag/CCE green,
Yellow, and for the topcoat I add DOI brand hardner. I am reducing with Nason medium or slow reducer depending on temps. The TP Tools turbine system and gun puts down a great coat in enamel, but is very finicky about temps and reducer.
I thought I saw a JD truck in one of those pics Andy,now my question is answered lol,keep em coming
I got home early today so the painting continues...

Here is the pile of parts I have left...

Here are some better pictures of the finished hood and supports...

Finished parts pile, fender deck, and tank...

That's it for now, hope to have more progress to show by this Saturday. Andy
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Super job, Andy. Please keep the good pictures coming. Don B.
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Well I fell behind on this project for awhile, but this week harvest slowed down so I actually had a few days off to spend on getting it back together.

I ended up powdercoating the battery tray for durability. I was rushing that evening for some reason and grabbed gloss powder instead of flat black. When I pulled it out of the oven I was so mad, I thought I had a prep issue or something it was so glossy. I went back and checked out my powder bottle and sure enough, I had grabbed the wrong one. The powder looks all but identical when applying.

I did well putting the fender deck on, but I did have 2 small scratches in dash tower when done. It was not easy to put on.

I powdercoated the wheels, front wheel center caps, wheel weights, and rear wheel hubs. I was sorely disapointed in Eastwoods "John Deere" green powder. I prepped well and applied a good coating to the rear wheel hubs, and they came out of the oven looking like they belonged on something Oliver! I need to do some research and figure out if I could have applied the green over a base color to brighten and change the tint a little bit. Their yellow though is spot on for Deere yellow I think.

I am currently using Deestone's front and rear. I thought I would like the 4-8 fronts on wide rims, but I will change them out for some Firestone Tri-ribs sometime soon, and put the 4-8's on the wifes soon to be 110 pulling tractor. The rears are 23-8.50/12, and I like them.
Thats all for now, I have the wheel weights coming out of the oven as I type this. I will have some more pics soon.

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Coming along nicely Andy,you must have an understanding wife to be able to use the oven!
Andy Eastwoods green is one of 2 JD green colors and is called Classic Green and is for 2 cylinder tractors made before 1961. Garden tractors use what JD calls Agriculture Green which is darker. Roger
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