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Anybody have a 140 I can look at in person?

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I have added a 140 to the fleet and it needs some tlc. I have owned a few 420's and 200 series but never a 140. I would like to look at a running driving 140 in decent shape so I can figure out what I will need to do to mine to get it up to par.

I know I could go to a plow day or meet but I don't have the time. If someone is close to Waukesha Wi, and they would like to let me see their 140, I sure would appreciate it.

Feel free to call or email me at 262 347 9425 or [email protected]
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Well, that puts me out...mines in pieces, and Im not close anyway!

But Im sure once I get it all back together it will work just fine!
Will I got 2 140's here both restored . Just south of Chicago .
Will, I have 3 you can look at. It all depends on your definition of close. Only 350 miles. I94 98% of the way.

Keith & Jim are closer though.
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Thanks for the offers guys, hoping for something a little closer. Good to know you are all willing to help!
I would think surely someone near you has one you could go peak at.

Have you tried Mike Drew? Or Mike Duwe too...I think they both have one...and they are in WI...
Will , I have pictures of my rebuild , If you need a certain pic of a certain area let me know .
I called Will...problem solved!
I'm kind of short on 140's these days. Only have one thats a rust bucket parts machine. I miss my 74 I had the loader on.
I have a 140 h1 w/ a johnson loader on it

located in appleton wi
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