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As if my 332 had been struck by lightning!

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Hello, I am need of restoration parts, (hood, Grill, Seat, Etc… for 1973 JD110. Any Help on where to purchase} these parts is appreciated.
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Not to be a party pooper but this post should be in the classifieds "under wanted to buy". Anyway I would check with the dealer or some of our site sponsers at the top of the screen. And you make number 5 or 6 of us boys from VA so cool. Welcome to WFM
Robert, I see that this is your first post, Welcome. There are a bunch of us from Virginia on here and it is nice to see another VirginiaBoy!! Maybe we all can start putting together a club and Steve Hayes can be the President. What do you say Steve?
Just bought a 345 that has water and oil mixed in crankcase, it had a steel cam installed, ran rest of summer. Owner went to change oil and it was mixed with coolant. Any ideas?
Cracked head, blown head gasket, bad water pump or maybe a gasket that was replaced when the cam was put in was installed wrong. Roger
To replace the cam, you don't need to touch the heads or head gaskets.

My semi-educated guess would be the shaft seal on the water pump leaking into the crankcase. The water pump was most likely removed when the cam was replaced, and in the process, something might have gotten messed up with it.

Everything Roger indicated is a possibility, however. Good luck.
As Mike said I would look at the water pump first. I just had the cam done on my 345 and the water pump was leaking even though it had been replaced 50 hours before the cam went. Roger
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