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Axel broke 420

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my right rear axal broke just inside the bearing should I replace both sides. Do you think I should try to find used or new. Does this happen very often? I have a loader attachment on it and counter weights
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How much weight on the rear? This is this first on I have heard of breaking.
I have a box on the back and it's about 2/3 full of blocks maybe 150 lbs or so and I weight twice that.and the tractor has almost 3000 hrs maybe it's been fracturing right there where the bearing fits on and where the turning ends because it didn't make much of a pop when it broke.
Richard, sorry about your break.
I had the same happen last year on my 430..It seemed to break pretty easy also....I ended up changing both of them because the other one was slightly twisted. I got one new and one used one. I really had to pound to get the axle out of the bearing.....I would pound for a while, then decide I couldn't pound anymore....I would try to figure a different way to get it out, after a while I would start over again and pound until I couldn't stand it again....It eventually came and after that was an easy repair......
good luck,

Hello All
I have a friend who own's a John Deere GT-262 lawn Tractor. last week I Placed a new mower drive belt on it for her and she mowed her yard fine with it. On the past pass the mower quit moving and she said that she found a spring laying behind it. I assume it is the idler Tension spring that keep's tension on the Traction drive belt. How hard is it to place a new Traction drive belt on this Tractor ? I am going to look at it for her the first of next week and I sure would like to know what I am getting into here. Has anyone changed one of these Traction drive belts ? What is the procedure for doing so. Thanks, Kurt
Hi Kurt. I haven't done a GT262, but it is very similar to others that I have done. This shouldn't be too hard for someone with your experience.
Remove the deck. If the tension spring is the one that's already off, take a good look to see if the belt is still good or needs to be replaced. Maybe the spring broke.
Remove belt guides #23 and #15. You may have to remove the electric clutch on some models to get at #15. If no interference, unplug the PTO wire if it has an electric type, to remove the belt.
Should be able to remove the belt without removing any more belt guides.
Try to shake the tensioner assembly. If it has a lot of slop, the #4 plastic bushings may need to be replaced.
Reverse order for assembly with new belt.
There seems to be a variation as to where #29 spring anchors compared to the models I have done. Hopefully you can spot the worn areas where it attached.

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Hello Tom
I appreciate the response here. I have not worked on these newer tractor's in the past. This machine has 1300 Hour's on it so I would say that the drive belt is Toast. I will be looking at it to fix the first part of this coming week. Do you think it would be easier to get at by Pulling the fender pan off of the Tractor ? just a thought here. Regards, Kurt
You could be right about removing the fender pan. Looking at the picture of the spring, it appears to anchor to the rear. I don't know if that could be done from underneath the tractor. The GT275 has a hydro and the spring on it goes toward the front. I took the fender off to clean out a bale of hay once. LOL

Just about everything else has to be done from under the tractor, so raise the front and safely support it to get some elbow room. If the electric clutch has to be removed, I suspect that will be the most difficult part of the ordeal if it's rusted. Good time to adjust the air gap, too.

Let me look this evening to see if I have the service manual for this tractor. I have several manuals in pdf formats, and I may have this one.
Hello Terry
I sure would appreciate that I am Lost working on the newer Generation tractors. I will await your response here. Regards, Kurt
Sorry, I didn't get to my home PC last night - babysitting grandkids. I'll make a note of it and look for it tonight, and if I have it, I'll send you it via email.
I sent the manual last night, it should be in your email's inbox.
Hello All
I would like to thank everyone that responded here and to me through my private E-mail. A Big Thank's to Terry Reed for sending me a service manual for this Tractor. I feel confident now going into this job and will repair it this mid week. Thank's again, Kurt
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