This engine was in a grass fire so most of the externals have been burnt. The block has a funky white coating likely caused by the fire extinguisher. The crank is likely grindable but I can't say for sure. But I think it would clean up fine. A lot of good parts as the machine was running fine when the fire occurred. (I was told) As these parts are getting hard to find and expensive I'm reluctant to toss them out. I won't ship them for the price mentioned and if somebody close to Chatt. has a need for any of this, I'm very negotiable. (Maybe even free) These parts will not survive the spring cleaning as I need the space.

I do have a very nice blower housing I purchased thinking I would rebuild the engine, but I went another direction. Also, the muffler is in good condition but I would need something for that. It's not included in this offer. But for sale.

PM me if interested.