I have a weight box that would fit JD garden tractor models 316, 318, 322, 330, 332, 420, 430. I used this last year on my 420. I got a Ruegg three point hitch and am going with suitcase weights this year as this box will not fit with the new rockshaft installed. PM me if interested. Local pickup only. I'm about 30 minutes south of York, PA, or about an hour from Lancaster, Baltimore, Harrisburg, or Gettysburg.

Included are the mounting bolts, a wooden cover to keep snow or rain out, two suitcase weights and three chunks of railroad that fit in the box for ballast. The weights add about 220 lbs. Box and weights total about 260 lbs. I had no issues plowing snow last year with this setup and chains. There is a hitch on the rear of the box so you can still pull a cart with it mounted.

This is the TY20104 ballast box found in the 44 loader parts catalog. It is supposed to bolt to the hitch plate and pin to two brackets (PT9226 and PT9227) that mount between the hitch plate and axles (like the three point lower arm brackets do). Unfortunately, I do not have those brackets. I ended up bolting to the hitch plate and strapping the top of the box to the frame. There is a set of the brackets available on eBay, or it would be a relatively easy project to come up with a way to attach it to the three point brackets or the frame. I have an extra set of lower three point arm brackets I would throw in if someone were interested in going that route.