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Barn find 110

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found this over the weekend. a 67 110 w haban mower.

so after i get the 318 i just got back togather and working i'll start on this restore
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I want a haban so dang bad I don't even care what it fits I just want one. Awesome score
Nice work. Any idea on how long it has been sitting?
Nice find. The sickle mower is a great find. I think, I would immediately start on this project.
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kyle not sure the engine is still free a cleanup oil change fuel system cleaning points condenser. and i bet the ol girl will run. i did se that variator springs were broke and will need replacement along with belts.

Nice find, and it has single notch weights too
Colton there are other kinds of sickle bar mowers out there. Mine is an old Cunningham walk behind I picked up for $25. It is powered with a 99CC HF $79 engine on it. It works surprisingly well. Roger

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Glen, that is beautiful! Will look nice restored, but it is only original once!
Nice find. You guys out in the midwest have all the luck.
I just brought home a Jari sickle bar mower similar to yours from my parents estate. Haven't tried it yet.
Neat , Glen . CLASSIC barn find !!! Have fun !
Glen that is good to hear about the engine. Sometimes I am amazed at how just a little attention will bring these machines alive. I will say that I agree with Terry... I would start on the RF first over the 318.

I will be looking forward to the progress.
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Nice glen, exactly what comes to my mind when I think of a classic barn find, it would get me excited,
I would of about fainted to have found that in a barn! What a Great moment that had to be for you Glen. Good Luck with it--Great find Man!

Well got the 110 cleaned up and the mower removed and washed here are a few pics

actualy got all of the gts cleaned up the 2 140's had not been washed yet since i got the so all in all was a good day cleaning.took the carb off and its soaking in cleaner and the tank has laquer thinner in it i'll swish it arround for a couple days before i drain and finish cleaning it seems the laquer helps to dissolve the varnish of the dead gas ty all for reading my posts Glen
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Thought i would update the status of the 110. Got the carb cleaned points checked and adjusted. We had fire so i turned on the gas a lil choke and boom it runs. A bit loud with no muffler but it runs well no smoke so now time to pull it down and restore it.
Congrats are getting it to run. I cant wait to see the progress of the restore.
Great find, and great project. You really found a gem. And to top it off, it runs! Good going!
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