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Battery for a 112?

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Hey, I just bought a 112 John Deere. I would like to restore it; however, there is no serial number on the tractor anywhere. I cross referenced the Kohler motor and figured out it is around 1970. It did not come with a battery. I'm sure someone knows, what kind of battery does it take? I want to see if it will even start. Thank you
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I was mowing and the tractor lost power and died.
I noticed I did not hear the fuel pump running.
I pulled the fuses in the tower, found no issues so I put them back.
Fuel pump started working again...

Now today I go to start and pump is not working.
I pulled the deck pan.
There are three wires going to the fuel pump.

Red and Black I have 12 volts.
I am assuming Black/White is for the fuel gauge?

My fuel gauge is also pegged at full today. Never seen that before.

Can someone confirm the wire colors?
Any last checks before I buy a fuel pump?
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Looking at the schematic for the 455 (S.N. 070001-), I see at the fuel pump connector:

Pink/Black -positive for fuel pump
Black -negative
black/white -fuel gauge sensor
If you don't already have a tech manual here is a free down load: 4x5 Tech Manual

You have to register, but it's free and you're limit to either 2 downloads a 24 hour period or 50 Mb max until you get 10 posts in their forum. There is an operator manual there also.
With fuel gauge out too, which is on the same connector, the wiring to that point sounds pretty suspicious.
I have 12 volts to the fuel pump and it is not running.

The gauge sensor is part of the fuel pump also?
Maybe something with the wiring in the fuel pump that is causing it to go to ground.
I printed out the manual pages and got my meter out.

I have good power and good ground up to the connector for the fuel pump.

I checked the actual ground and power on the actual fuel pump - removed from the tank.
I lost the ground on the fuel pump.

I jumped a ground from the frame to the pump and it works fine.

I checked resistance from the external fuel pump connector to the fuel pump itself, nothing.

There must be a break in the ground connection between the metal plate of the fuel pump.
This is a sealed epoxy piece...

With it all back together, if I jump from the frame to the metal top of the pump it works...

So I guess I need a new pump due to the internal wiring?
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I'd maybe get the replacement pump as a spare, but then just glue that jumper in place and see how long it lasts.

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