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Blades for model 34 deck

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Where is everyone buying replacement blades for their mower decks? I am ok with aftermarket blades because this is a tractor I use to mow my lawn every week with.
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In my experience you can but the JD blades will stay sharper and last longer. The only time I don't buy JD blades is if I buy Gator blades which is my first choice now. The seem to need sharpening every couple of years. Not sure they make them for the 34 decks but my guess is they would. They are generally a little bit cheaper than JD blades and produce smaller clippings. If you find the JD blade part number and do a Google Search for the equal Gator you will soon find out. The one thing different on JD blades is the center hole is an odd size, From memory it is 11/16th on an inch, Roger
Thanks Roger. I just have had bad dealings with the local (now conglomerate) JD dealer here and was trying to steer away from further lining the owner's pockets.
Does anyone know if they make gator style blades for the 34 deck?
Take the JD blade part number for the blade and look it up on the Gator Blade site or call a Gator blade seller. Roger
The blade for the 34 deck is not a common blade. I didn't find it on Oregon site for gator blade. Your blades are 17 1/4 but the blades I found were 17 3/16. Here is the link https://www.oregonproducts.com/en/search?q=John+Deere
The Rotary replacement (NLA) is 17-7/16” x 2”. And the “length” will vary depending on width. I suppose if I can find something a touch longer I could shorten them... but then again, that’s a lot of work for an old tractor with a not so efficient deck... so stock replacements it will get. I guess I need to get the tractor running first:lol:
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