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Blower on 400 need mounting help!!!

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I am wondering if there is a easy way to mount the blower on my 400?I am having a heck of a time trying to get it on.do I need to block it up and drive into it?brad
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A simple weld in a couple spots will cure that .
Rand -

John Deere did not offer a 'KiT' for that specific purpose , (I think) for liability issues . If they did , some people would be lifting 5-6 hundred Lbs . without adding reciprocal ballast , and tipping tractor over all over the place . But ..,

Many knowledge-able people on here have remedied the low lift capacity by raising the auxiliary lift pressure from (typically) 950 lbs. per square inch upto about 1250-1300 PSI . Mine was raised to the latter (1300) , and I am very happy now . I also have the requires 750 lbs. ballast in the rear .

It is a very simple process , with the hardest thing involved being the rear seat pan removal . There should be a write up in the archives somewhere , which is how I learned about it . I've personally done three (two 445s' and a 455)tractors to bring them up to task .

Did you get buy CTC loader ? Did it come with the required "loader specific" relief valve , as the John Deere 40 loader comes with ? That is another 300 bucks you should spend , if not so included with your none factory loader .

Robert -

FWIW - My '93 445 came with the bigger tires from the factory . I also plan on using a seal bushing when I add the trailer hubs on my 420 with 1" spindles . Not sure how I'm going to do the 445
and 455 (metric 25MM) I have when it comes time for their new hubs , but they will also have a seal bushing welded to the inner axle , and for a stop shoulder for the bearings .

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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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