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Blower on 400 need mounting help!!!

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I am wondering if there is a easy way to mount the blower on my 400?I am having a heck of a time trying to get it on.do I need to block it up and drive into it?brad
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My JD400 has a new sibling a 1993 455 with 1000 hrs, 50" blower, 48" deck, 50" 450 tiller, Hard cab, 3pt, 540 pto, quick hitch and around 10 other attachments.

The first this I noticed is the 93 model year only came with 16 inch front tires and 23 inch rear tires. When you have the 400 and 455 next to each other is there a noticeable difference between the two in tires sizes.

The first thing I want to do is change to 18x8.5-8 wheels on 5 bolt hubs in the front and 26x12-12 HDAP or lugs in the rear.
I was looking through the post but wasn’t able to find the answer to my upgrades.
I know you have the answer and look forward to the responses, so here goes:

1. With a 48 inch deck (have the optional power flow) will these larger tires work. That is will there be enough clearance between the deck and tires in both the raised and lowered positions.
2. Will these tires clear the fenders.
3. How would you prevent the hubs from sliding inwards on the existing spindle in order to preload the roller bearings. If you do this then the seal on the back side will press up against the stopper and rub away on it. I thought about a small sleeve or shim over the spindle that could be used to shoulder the inner bearing against, but then the sleeve would spin since the seal was wrapped tight around it.
Looking forward to the solutions.

Thanks, Robert
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I just came in from snowblowing, had a 4 foot drift on the driveway to remove. It sure is nice being enclosed in a cab.

AJ & Roger – The 455 is two wheel steer only.
I seem to remember a post somewhere that said JD needed to cut out the fenders to fit the larger tires. Not sure if it’s true.

Tim – The tires clearing the 48” deck is good news. I didn’t want to buy tires and be stuck with them.
The 5 bolt hubs and rims/tires were left over from another project that never happened, so I figured why not since I want larger tires for a little more clearance and they look good.

David – Good tip, simple but will do the job of holding the bushing.
David - Here is a thread that talks about the spindle issue. Army has a diagram of the spindle , but I am not sure I understand the placement of his bushing.It only extends the spindle length for the hub but here is no backer for the inside bearing.
Whats your thoughts.
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