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Blower on 400 need mounting help!!!

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I am wondering if there is a easy way to mount the blower on my 400?I am having a heck of a time trying to get it on.do I need to block it up and drive into it?brad
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I have a 2000 455. I purchased an after market loader which works great, but I need more lifting capacity. The loader manufacturer says a "shim kit" is available to accomplish this.

Does anyone have any experience increasing the hydraulic lifting capacity of a 455? Or know what this "shim kit" entails?


Yes, I bought a CTC loader. I don't think it has the "loader specific" relief valve. I'd like to be able to lift the trailer hitch on my camping trailer with the bucket, which right now, the 455 can't quite manage. I'd guess a 400 lifting capacity would do the trick.

Can you tell me more about the relief valve and why I should buy it?

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