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1951 JD B, 1967 JD 110-Rf, 1969 JD 110-Sf custom, 1972 JD 110-Sf
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Nice score. I picked up this plow for 100.00 this past summer. It works but needs some adjustments.

Plant Wood Tree Grass Trunk

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle

I just got 1 coulter to swivel today. About 3 days worth of soaking it in diesel, spraying it with oil, pipe wrenching it with a cheater pipe, and wracking it with sledge it all it took.:)

hoping this winter it can look like this.
Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle handlebar Motor vehicle

I'd like something smaller than my b in my collection sometime. Either a L or M for small garden work or blading. Would the L be about equal as an IH cub?
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