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Brahma's '67 112 RF restro and repower

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*****I will admit this is gonna be my first attempt at restoring a lawn tractor. So please, PLEASE, dont be afraid to point out tricks to help/save me. (it might be badly needed) *****
With that said, on with the show!

Overall the 112 is in decent shape for its age, expect the deck is beyond repair, so just gonna be a tractor restoration until I get a replacement deck.
As some linked pics show it has some cancer but nothing serious from what I can tell. In the next two days I will start the teardown process and get to a bare frame. Then from there repair any weak spots and 'correct' a couple of things. One being the shifter shield I want to fab that up in metal since fiberglass just doesnt look right on a tractor thats 99% steel. The hood will either be repaired or replaced with an aftermarket depending on how the build goes. If I feel up to it that hood will be fabricated in metal too. Alright for the motor my 112 came with a MM100 10hp motor. I dont care for Tecumseh, so I'm gonna attempt to repower this tractor with a V-twin Briggs & Stratton 13hp motor.
Yes I know this is a bad idea. :bash: yet I feel it can be done in a matter that doesnt destroy the looks. Yes, Ive seen pics of a repower gone bad and this is just encouragement for me to do an even better job on mine. Yes I have done some research on this. Yes I know what I'm doing (sorta) and yes, these are famous last words! :D So... yeah, lets get started! Also I'll update as I make some decent headway.

P.S. Dear Admin let me know if my pics get out of hand on the size thing, thanks!


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Good luck man,your gonna need it.But it sounds like you have thought a lot of it out.
Looking at the pictures, the foot rests looked like they were bolted on? If so, it's not a '67, but a '66. On the '67 RFs, the foot rests were welded on, and '63 to '66 were bolted on. What is the serial number of this tractor?

Under Edit:
After looking at the pictures again, it does look like the footrests are welded on, so I stand corrected. It has to be a '67 if they were welded on. Sorry for jumping the gun. :read:

Thanks Grant for the luck, I might need it! Terry, as for serial number here it is,T2314010753M. I've uploaded a pic of it in my album too. All pics on this build will be uploaded to there. Also speaking of serial numbers, guess I should my tractor to the registry. :eek:
Here is the info on your 112 with that serial number:

Here is the information about the Tractor T2314010753M
Serial Number:10753
Model Year:1967
Engine Model and Size:HH100 Tecumseh 10HP
Lift Type:Manual
Manufactured Location:Horicon, WI
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Thanks Terry. I got a couple of questions to ask: First how many belts were off the motor pulley to drive the deck? I see the main pulley has four grooves. Starting from the motor and working out the first one is the tranny drive belt. Next is for the hydraulic pump if equipped. Third is mower deck drive and the fourth is front end attachments? I noted the double grooves on the tension pulley and mule drive all of which scream dual belt drive for the mower deck. Then the next question I have is about the hitch and extra braket mounted on the rear end. The previous owner had installed that little "drawbar" (ref IMAG0362) and I wasnt sure if that upper piece was factory or just another addon? If it is factory what attachments used it?


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There should be 2 belts for the PTO and they are both used for the model 46 mower that came with the tractor. They came in a matched set and the only place to buy them is JD. If not matched one will wear more quickly than the other. If you had a tiller a third pulley was added. The draw bar is owner made. Roger
That belt guard on the engine sheeve, picture #3 is home made also.
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