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Jeff, I'm going to say yes, it should. JD's part number AM38532 is listed as a complete replacement clutch with a note- "Use when the engine mounting boss is machined and has flush crank shaft seal". That's a bit of a puzzle to me, and may be your concern too.

The same replacement clutch is listed for other vintage Kohler powered 300 series tractors including the KT17 twin in the 317. I can't imagine an original engine in one of those tractors with an electric clutch would not have a machined boss. However, the 317 is the one I'm most familiar with, and the crankshaft seal is recessed a specified amount. The washers shown behind the coil are listed "as required". That might have something to do with the previous note. Not sure about that.

It appears the same bushing, washer, and bolt from your Warner original is also used with the replacement Ogura.
Sorry, I can't supply the Ogura part number for the clutch assembly.
If you have a service manual for the 300, it will have instructions for mounting the electric clutch.

BTW, way back in the early '90s, the coil burned out on my Ogura equipped 317. The dealer explained the original Warner clutch had been replaced by an Ogura because the complete Ogura cost less than the Warner coil, even way back then.

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