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Can somebody take a quick measurment for me?

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I have a problem here and that I was well enough versed to fix but I find myself here asking questions so apparently not.

Problem is the mover starts (the motor is a kohler 13 horse, model #CV13S, spec # 21525) but instantly floods the motor to the point I can see fuel standing in the elbow going to the air cleaner. Now I know this sound like a sticky float but I have cleaned the carb 20 times and then I replaced it, first time with a brand new carb from JD and it did the same thing. All other things done are, rubber fuel line, fuel shut off, fuel filter and real hose clamps. I did also take the take out and clean it pretty good but not 100%. Do any of the more experienced small engine mechanics have a solution?

All right guys so I replaced the fuel pump today and still nothing, I got it to run for a while by turning the fuel shut off valve almost completely off and it ran until I tried to move it. And no joke I can see the fuel puddle in the intake elbow. I really need to get this thing going if somebody out there could lend assistance. Thanks
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Make sure the carb.vent is clear, that's all I got.That could cause your problem especially if there is a hose coming of the vent,make sure hose is not plugged with a bug ; Don't laugh , it happens.

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It will amaze you where a leaf cutter bee can get into and how well they can plug up holes. You have to see it to believe it.
Is this the line that runs from the intake to the box on the front of the engine? I ask because i tried it on and off with no difference.
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Jason - sorry for the short answer previous ; got busi with something else.
Some carbs vent thru the gasket in the carb.inlet , some vent out the upper side of carb , some vent straight out the top , some will have a small rubber hose loop attached , some won't . So without taking my CV 15 carb off and checking , I can't tell you exactly how it vents, but I did look at mine , (so just found out), it vents directly into the inlet throat of carb. so is invisible from the outside,as it's cast into the housing.so I doubt that would be your problem.

You must test the integrity of needle /seat with either a vacuum source,or about 1.5 or so psi air pressure in place of fuel hose at fuel inlet to carb. If it does not hold pressure / vacuum when the float is at the "full" position , then you must get back in to the needle seat interface . Must pass muster here , or your'e just gonna keep chasin your tail around this issue .

One other thing I can think of ; is to check to be sure you don't have a valve hanging open , causing intake pooling , but that is not the most likely cause . And just because it has just been re-built or even a new carb. , It could still have some junk getting caught in the needle / seat from deteriorated hose , or other debris that wasn't flush out as completely as you may have thought. Run a new fuel filter at the inlet to carb , and don't think that just cause the air filter "looks" clean , that it's not restricting air flow !! Replace it too . Check needle / seat interface . Flush every thing in the carb that you can see with brake cleaner , or other suitable spray cleaner , and maybe even things you can't see . Put it all back together . Take two aspirins ; Get some sleep . Try again tomorrow .

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Alright well I know the suspense is killing everybody, today after work I took the carb apart and it was full of trash again so in a fit of rage the fuel tank was pulled and cleaned, all new fuel line from tank to carb, new filter, cleaned the carb and did an oil change, it is running and moving under its own power. Thanks for the help.
Jason - Glad you reported back with the good news , as we all didn't get a wink of sleep last night , worrying and wondering what was going on with the little Kohlers' carb.

Seriously though.., Glad you worked out all the junk and got her back on line!

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I'm at work and the machine shop is free so I'd like to make a bumper cover

can somebody measure the height and width of a 110 or 112 flat fender front bumper? I just need the measurement that I outlined in red


I don't have many chances to get to work in the machine shop here so I'd like to get this done today. I could call home and have the wife try to measure it for me but first I'd have to explain what a tape measure was and then trying to get her to give me a correct measurement .... well, let's just say it probably wouldn't end well.
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