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Canadian Tire suppliers

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Anyone know a decent supplier in Canada for turf tires? With a very loud boom, my 31 year old Goodyear split open today.

Need 26x12/12 and can't find a single online place in Canada.

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You can try Specialty Tire/Casterland which serves western Canada through a network of stores. including online orders. Products include Carlisle and Kenda tires.
You could try TSC, or I find the local tire store's prices pretty decent...
Greg.. I can't find any online CDN suppliers either. There's 10 million people living here in Ontario. You'd think that would be a big enough market.

Al, thanks for the link, hope I can find something better then them, would be close to $350, did find some US that would be just over $200 shipped, but shuts me down for a few days given their holiday etc.

Steve, didn't think of TSC, could be a good choice, our local tire store however is usually the most expensive for any tire.

No kidding Army! Not just tires, Canada is about 1/10th the pop of the US, I would expect to find about 1/10 the suppliers of anything too. Yet I can find dozens of places in the US that see such and such a thing and never anything up here.

Well I found some. Not an amazing tire, but turf, 6 ply and decent load. Got a pair of Denman Turf Huggers for $130cdn total.

Aside from them, local shops want $135-$199 each for Carlisle turfs. Did also find 4 "Green Saver" tires (asian imports) in the 26x12 for $75 but they look more like golf cart tires, very round. 4 ply and 1700lb load.

My local tire shop priced some turfs for my 318 at under $100 a piece I believe. Includes instal, not sure what it would cost to have them loaded with WWF....
Steve, that may be where it shines to have "one size down". I found both online and locally a massive selection of tires up to about 24".. As soon as you move to 26", you seem to eliminate 90% of the choices, and the competitive pricing. Seems 26x12 is very uncommon compared to smaller sizes.

Army I find that odd too. Out west here we were taught in school that Ontario was the centre of the universe
Just kidding.
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Roman,we westerners better stick together.Randy
I think with all the manufacturing cutbacks...Alberta is now the centre of the universe....
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Friend was mowing and his tractor lost spark. Tested fuses, ok. I verified the coil is good and so is the plug. Disconnected the kill wire to rule it out. This 17 hp Kawasaki is not equipped with the small ignition module on the side of the engine. Checked flywheel and magnet no problem found. Tried to run engine completely separate from any on board wiring still no spark. Was wondering if key switch or circuit board could be the problem? Cranks great. He advised he had another mower with the same engine and problem he got rid of because he couldn't get fixed. He is an excellent mechanic. I'm trying to help as much as I can. This one sure has me stumped! A wiring diagram may help if anyone has one. This is the early model 325. Thanks Steve
Does it have spark with the kill wire disconnected? If so you should be able to fire it up the wire disconnected. If it does not start with the wire disconnected coil is bad. See if you can borrow a known good coil to try.

Now, if you do have spark with the wire disconnected, you most likely have a bad safety switch somewhere. Seat, brake, pto, etc.
Thanks Eric, It has no spark with or without kill wire connected. We already tried new coil still in sealed factor box, no spark. I believe the Kawasaki on the 325 models and some others need an external ignition module which is either mounted on the side of the engine or built into the circuit board. Will update later this week. I ran one down, the circuit board type to let him try. Thanks again,
SWM, Is there a safety switch that is malfunctioning? If you broke a wire or switch it would act that way too. For checking purposes I would try and bypass them just to rule them out as good/bad. Not sure on the 325 but pto, seat and neutral switches are common
Dominic, We completely unhooked all wiring to the engine including kill wire and engaged the starter from a separate battery straight to the solenoid. Engine spun fast and still no spark. Even hooked everything back up with known good circuit board and switch. The new coil he has on hand also produced no spark. Can't believe this is the second mower of this type with the exact problem he has had with no solution in sight. Have another friend I go to church with is an on the road service man for John Deere. I will check with him on Sunday. Thanks again to Dominic and Eric
You can't just disconnect the safety switches, you need to bypass them from the IGN to the SOLENOID. Maybe, if thats not it, you could check the wires for crimps or breaks. What is the engine model?

I was under the impression the Kal engine was like any other magneto engine and could produce spark separate from any other wiring , that is why we completely did away with tractor wiring. The coil and flywheel magnet should produce spark. The coil is not ac powered. It only has a kill wire and we unhooked it. Please advise if I'm missing something. Mower at different location and will get model number at later date. Thanks for all your help. Steve
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