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Some of you are familiar with my JD 70 lawn tractor I have been tinkering with this past year. Well I picked up a different transmission at the Horicon show and have spent the last few days whittling away at the frame to fit it.

Here are some teaser picts, notice the lack of shifter.

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Cool project Mike. The hydro control will be the trickiest and most interesting part. Are you going to adapt something from another tractor or fab it from scratch?

Mike what is the transmission out of and who made it. Looks like a nice small unit that could be adapted into a lot of things. Roger
Army, I'm either going to use the pedistal mounted lever setup from a 140 (arm possibly shortened) or may go crazy and do foot pedals.

Intent is to make it easier for my kids to drive than the gear drive.

Want to make sure that when you release the lever/foot pedal it automatically goes back to neutral.

Roger, 111,112,116 hydro, 165,175,185 deere.

White hydro reservoir is off another pump I had laying around, the JD one is narrow/taller.

Its going to be interesting to get the fan to work, going to have to take that whole section of the frame out and rework it. It will run without the fan for now, just wont do any heavy pulling.

Going to have to rework the pulleys to it to get the right speed as the gear drive setup had a bunch of reduction in it.

Axle shafts are a bit longer, so depending on how I add spacers I can have the stock tire width, or gain an inch on either side (probably why you needed to cut down those rims you used on your 70 roger.

I may go with the wider stance as these tractors are tall and narrow and pretty unstable.
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Foot pedals would be pretty nifty on that little tractor. Might as well do something different while you're at it. Easy for me to say right?

Always easy to watch/dream.

We will see, going to work out the belt drive and then I can actually put power to the wheels and then go from there.

Got the pulley on the tranny freed up last night so I can slide it back and forth to get the belt to line up. Same with the brake disk as its designed to float on the shaft to engage the inner pads.

Those 2 little things only took about 2 hours...I would be scared to log how much time I have into some of these things!
Sounds like it will be great for the kids, Pops.
Mike Drew said it best. He asked me how many hours I had in the 620m and I still don't have any idea. His thoughts were...You don't want to know how many hours you have working on something like that. There are a lot worse things you could be doing !
And ..please keep posting pictures Mike. I'll be watching with great interest as my wife wants one of those. Shannon has me lined up with one.
Awesome... Please keep thread going!
On vacation right now but should be back at it except I picked up another distraction (project) WHILE on vacation. Gave $200 for this with trailer. Said last time they used it it stopped running and don't know the problem. I'm already another $100 into it as the trailer tires were all cracked up but still feel I'm doing good looking at the condition

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I know we don't have a customization section here, so if you don't mind I will move this to the Lawn Tractor & RER forum in the R&R section so it won't be lost like it would if it remains in the Corner Store. I will wait until you confirm it before I move it so you know where it is when you post here again..
Rather keep it here for now. That section is real slow as far as traffic/posts go. I would be fine moving it once the project complete.
I always thought a jet ski or a snowmobile body would make a good custom 4 wheeler. Kinda like the Can Am Spyder but with 2 back tires. http://spyder.brp.com/ca/home?gclid=CLnF0tjZhrkCFY1FMgodjjoAQA


For stability you want the two wheels in front in a three wheel configuration -- just do a polar plot of thrust vectors versus center of gravity when generating turning forces to instantly see why this is so. Or, for a more humorous illustration, see the Top Gear episode with the single front wheel car (the Reliant Robin) here:

I guess if it truly was a FOUR wheeler then it might work if the stance was wide enough.

Also, I thought that many jet ski engines were water cooled with exchangers to the body of water they operate in...

Sorry guys. Someone already came up with it.

Stupid expensive, looks goofy and its slow.

I meant a 4 wheeler with a sled or jetski body Chuck, not a trike. If I built one I'd make the stance about the same as a golf cart. Those 3 wheeler Reliants are hilarious.

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