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Carlisle Super Lugs vs True Powers

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I ordered Carlisle Super Lug 23X10.5X12 rear tires for my 318 this morning, from a local dealer. R & R weights and install tires plus the tires was $185.90. Not a bad price. Now, I know from reading some threads that the tires will clear the 46" deck with no problem, but does anyone have any actual thoughts gathered from using them, that may be of use to me? I'm going to use them mainly for mowing and the FEL. Some towing of a grader at times. I did not want to go back to turf tires again.

The Banjo Man.
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Many sizes of the Super Lug tires no longer appear in the current (2009) Carlisle catalog, and there is a post in the Vintage thread that indicates that the entire SL lineup will be discontinued. I guess I'll have to quickly get those ribbed 16-8.50 x 8 tires for the 80 cart right away instead of when I think I can afford them...just in case they disappear also.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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