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Cheap buffing pad.

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A friend was eyeballing my JD318 with powerflow and MC519. Was wondering if JD made/makes a powerflow for his LX172 and could it pull a MC519?
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My shop is dirty from welding and grinding so sometimes when I paint I get dirt nibs in the paint that need to be buffed out. This is my way for a cheap easy to use buffer.
I use a angle die grinder [Harbor freight $10.00 if you don't have one get one or two they are very handy] with a 3" "Roloc" backup sanding pad and discs. When the disc is worn down take some 1/2" or 3/4" soft foam and cut a 4" circle and glue it on. makes a great buffing pad.

I hope this helps someone.
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They actually make small kits like that and we used them in the shop. The ONLY problem is that they run so stinking fast that you have to be careful not to burn them. Of course, if you load a die grinder at ALL, it slows way down. We actually even had small little wool buffing pads that we used. Ah, the days when I had a job! Mike.
For sure they run way to fast, I should have added that I tape a small piece of wood under the trigger to keep the speed down.
I have used the commercial ones but the homemade ones work just as good and cost nothing.
Good point. I wasn't paying for them! I will say that I never used them much on cars because the place I worked was such a pit that I sanded and buffed EVERY freaking inch that I painted. I usually used the little ones on mirrors that we painted. We had a LOT of older clients and they were always knocking the mirrors off the doors. One lady lost 12 before she finally had enough wrecks that they took her license away. Of course, THAT'S another story! Mike.
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