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Choke and throttle cable

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hi everyone, almost done with the rebuild on my 65 110. I am stuck at the moment trying to figure out where the choke and throttle cables route. The ones I bought are two different lengths, so the other question is which length goes to choke and which length goes to throttle. One more question does anyone have a picture of what the correct airfilter housing looks like. I believe someone shipped me the wrong one. Thanks guys any help is appreciated.
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Thanks Terry. I know that I had seen that one here somewhere in the past. Do you happen to know which cable goes to what. One is longer than the other but don't know why. They are basically running the same distance.
The cable that is on the right side of the tractors dash goes to the governor control (throttle) and the the one on the left side of the dash goes to the choke on the carburetor. Roger
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