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Clutch Lever on Pedal Shaft

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This is a pretty specific question, hope a 70 owner can help me out.

This is on an earlier 70 with a single clutch/brake pedal on the left side.

On the right side of the pedal shaft near the framerail there is this lever (held to the shaft with a roll pin). It has a slot in it and a rod goes in the slot and runs toward the rear of the tractor.

Question is, is the hole that the rolled pin goes in, in line with the arm?

Like shown here:

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If I remember right all 4 holes are drilled from the same direction. Roger
That is correct Roger, but what I'm wondering is if that piece I'm holding with my hand is straight in line with the drilled holes, or if its at some angle.

Looks like when I was holding it, I didnt have it quite straight.

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I will look at my 70 in the morning. Mine is the newer style but I think that part is the same. Roger
I really can't say for sure Mike. Did you make a new hub for that part? It looks right to me and your arrow through the hub is not going through both the hub holes. To me the red line is going to the right and towards the bottom of the picture. It might just be an optical illusion. Find a long bolt that fits through both holes and see what that looks like. My guess is it is right but??? Roger
Roger, I started out with the original hub and cut the arm off the reposition it to clear the engine block when pushed forward.

What I didn't pay attention to is if its in line with the holes going through or clocked at some angle to them before I lopped it off.

Since the single shaft actuates the clutch and brake, I want to get the positioning right as to not affect their operation.
I still think your lines on the picture really do not show what it would like when mounted. Maybe put the collar on the shaft with a snug bolt through it in the right place. Also put the slotted vertical arm on the shaft. Move the arm the maximum it can go forward allowing space for your engine. Then tack it so it doesn't move. Take it off and fully weld it. Isn't engine swapping fun. Typically when swapping engines I probably install and remove the engine 10+ times before I am satisfied with the way things work. Now you also know why my 70 has no PTO clutch and the engine is moved forward about an inch. Roger
I agree the bottom line in the picture is not at the right angle to match the drilling.

I'm about 60% sure the arm was parallel to the drilled holes, just would like to know for sure, if I can find someone that has one.

Engine has come in and out probably 50 times. Did a lot of cutting to the tractor too, as my engine will put the crankshaft about the same location as the Tecumseh and use the same pulley size as stock.

Made a new engine plate from 1/4" plate which will get welded to the framerails.
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