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I'm looking for some input/ideas.

I've got a 1989 332 with a little over 1000 hours. 5 years ago I completely disassembled it. Painted the frame and hood, powder coated all of the sheet metal (mower deck, chute, and belt covers too). The engine needed nothing, so I didn't touch it. Radiator was re-cored, new fan, new engine mounts, charging system renewed, etc... You name it, I did it. I wanted to build a fully optioned machine, so I added a suspension seat (w/new bushings), rear 2000 PTO, rear hydraulics, H3, 3 Pt hitch, front weight bracket (makes a GREAT bumper), & the transport links for the mower deck. The 50" mower was totally rebuilt. Bearings, speed-up pulley, wheels, etc...

My implements consist of the 2-bag powerflow, 3 bag power pak w/Honda motor, Hydraulic dump MCS w/Kawasaki motor, 250 rear mower, front quick hitch, 47" quick hitch blower, 54" quick hitch front blade, 52" quick hitch broom (that was disassembled, powder coated, new bearings, new bristles), TY15380 cab, 42" hydraulic tiller (3 Pt mount), wheel weights & chains.

This was going to be my "forever" tractor. But, I've found my Z930R to be a faster and better cutting/bagging machine, my 1025R has proven to be quicker for swapping attachments. And storing all of this stuff takes A LOT of space. I'm really considering selling it all, but I wonder, is there a market for a package like this?

I could probably spend the next 12 months and sell a piece at a time. I really don't to do that. I'd like to send it all to one buyer. With the SCUT market nowadays, is there still a demand for this machine and all of its pieces? I looked through the old classifieds and didn't really find anything comparable to what I've got. Maybe this is one of those situations that has to be parceled out, I don't know. What would you folks do? Below is a pic of it right afterI finished the restore.

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