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Your 332 looks like an excellent restoration. The work and attention to detail you put into the restoration appears evident from the exterior photos.

Years ago I copied this from a post someone made and I refer to it from time to time just to keep things in perspective. Keep in mind, this was 35 years ago and we've all been accustomed to used prices since these tractors were introduced. Today's market price is all that matters but it is interesting to see the list prices of these machines and mower decks when they were new.
This is from a price list dated August 1, 1986 which is for the 1987 model year. Tractors were priced as follows.


Mower decks were as follows.
38" 2 blade for 300 series-$329
parts to attach to a 300 series-$150
46" for 300 series-$611
50" for 300 series-$731
50" for 400 series-$929
60" for 400 series-$1,299
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