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Does anyone have experience working on the transmission pump on a 140? I have a pretty slow leak after the fluid gets hot only and it APPEARS to be coming from the Control Trunnion Shaft.

It did not leak after I restored it in '06 but Atlas Van Lines tried moving it when we moved from Atlanta and when they couldn't roll it (of course) they tried LIFTING IT WITH A FORKLIFT and fluid went everywhere. It was an insurance job (Atlas Van Lines of course). I told the JD dealer that I didn't care if it cost $10,000, I wanted it perfect. Anyway, I thought they fixed it and maybe this is just a function of it being an old machine but I need to fix it. Can't stand anything that leaks.

I looked at JD Parts online and found trunnion shaft bearings and seals available for like $8 each. I don't know if this is the cause but it is my best guess as it looks like the freshest fluid and since it is so high, it can't be drained upon.

So has anyone ever replaced these seals or bearings? Do I have to tear it completely down and break it apart to get the pump off and to work on this?
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