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Correct fluid for 212 hydraulic system ?

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could someone tell me the proper fluid for a 212 hydraulic system, ATF, 32 or 46 hydraulic oil, or something else?
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Can someone help me with my 188? It starts right up and runs great but after a 20 minutes or so it dies. Looked like in the fuel filter it wasn't getting any gas. Installed a very expensive fuel pump and same problem. Looks like just a tiny bit of gas in the fuel filter. Are they supposed to be full when its running? Pulled the fuel line off to the carb and it almost seemed like there was pressure there. Need to de something the grass is getting tall : ) Thanks for any help or ideas.
You don't say it restarts easily after it dies, but if it does, I would suspect the filler cap vent is plugged. There could also be some debris in the tank that blocks flow.
Take the cap off and see if you can blow thru the vent hole in the top of the cap.
If it doesn't re-start easily, try loosening the gas cap and listen for a hissing (vacuum) sound.
Let us know if that helps. Could possibly be ignition related or one of the other electronic gadgets. Hope not! Let us know how you come out.

It restarts after it dies but after it dies once it only runs a very short time before it dies again 3 seconds max. After it sits for awhile it will run longer. I did hook up a fuel tank and taped it up so it would gravity feed to the fuel filter and it still does it. What it the little doohicky with the wire running to it at the bottom of the bowl of the carb?
That would be a fuel solenoid. In most cases the purpose is to shut off fuel to the carb. when the ignition switch is turned off. If the float should stick open, for instance, no fuel can enter from the line to flood the engine or the floor.
Since I have not tested one on an LX188, I'll just give the generic test. With the parking brake engaged, and when the key is turned on, there should be an audible click at the solenoid. You might have to have someone in the seat too, not sure about that. You should probably be able to feel it if you can put a finger on it and still reach the key.
If you have a test light or volt meter, you can check for voltage at the wire end with key on. There is a little plunger inside that retracts as voltage is applied. Most are spring loaded to return to a tapered seat when voltage is removed. Guess it could be gummed up and sticking. Or a bad connection could make it work intermittently. A new one is... $75 bucks, gulp!
Take it off, clean it, and see if it's working correctly. I'll try to find more info for you.

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Got a correction on the purpose of the fuel solenoid on that particular carburetor. The book describes it as shutting off fuel to the main jet, or the passage to the main jet to prevent backfire.
So, if it looses power while the engine is running, it could stop the engine fairly quickly. Corroded or loose connection?

Ran a wire directly from the battery to the solenoid, still died. Pulled the solenoid out and ran a wire & ground to it and it seemed like it worked but not really very good. Got an 8mm bolt and plugged the hole where I took it out and seems to run OK now if you take into account my crabgrass is chest high by now. I did notice when I went to shut it off it backfired coughed spit and didn't want to die. I idled it way down and let it run for a minute and it shut off OK. Don't know if my old 188 is worth a 70+ dollar solenoid thingy. The local JD dealer has one of those X530s on the lot I'm drooling over. Just a tad over 7K and they'll be happy to deliver it to my door.
i believe they call it an anti-dieseling solenoid. pony up the 75 bucks and get it over with. it will be right and you won;t have your running on problem.
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