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Crating a restored 70 with the battery

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I have a restored/repaired 70 lawn tractor. I do not use this tractor so its clean & dry. I need to keep it in storage a while & then eventually move it to a new house. Because its so hard to find parts for these tractors & I have spent a lot of time on it, I am going to build a crate for it so I have some reasonable assurance I'm not going to get damage while in storage or on the road. I'm not sure what to do with the battery. Its sitting in the tractor disconnected & more than likely dead by now. But I'm not sure if I should remove it from the tractor & just box it up separately. Or leave it in the tractor for the duration. It could be sitting in the crate as long as six to eight months. I don't know if there will be battery issues like fumes or acid problems. Anyone have any opinions.
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If you're going to transport the tractor packed carefully, & then also store it with the cables disconnected.... Me: I'd remove the battery anyway & later get a new one. But do as you wish. Experts may/will chime in. Bobo
I'd remove the battery!
Yes- I think removing the battery is the best thing to do. And while the tractor will be all crated up & protected I won't have much control over the storage location. It could see a lot of temperature extremes & I'm not sure how the battery would react to that. So out goes the battery. Thanks
You could save the battery if you charge it with a good/intelligent charger, once per month. My 2c.
Keep the battery as far away from the tractor as your can. Ever seen the blue paint on our tractors, thats from battery acid.

If you are going to keep it in the tractor, there are special mats that go under them that are supposed to help.
Scroll thorough this page:

Mike- My plan is to remove the battery from the tractor. Im just going to put it in a cardboard box with some cushioning material like newspaper, seal the box shut & label it. It's too much of a chance to risk damage to the tractor. Thanks. I will also take a look at the link you sent. Blue Paint. Yeah, I never knew why I see tractors like that. Did not know that the acid turned the paint blue.
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