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Deck belt

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Went to a JD dealer and got a belt for the three spindles and belt tension spring for the mower deck on my 75, 140.
Deck, type E005900, ser. 002419M. Belt #M45254 is about 6" to 7" too long.
My search here found that someone said that was the right belt for my 46" deck.
My trip to JDParts would keep giving me a Response of "No Match" when I entered the type # for the deck. Can someone shed some new light on this for me?
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not to be mean but they didn't make 140s in 1975 anyway on jdparts search for your 140 then select the implement option then select your deck
I think what you need is M41668. The M45254 is the primary belt.
Oops, typo. it's a 74.
Jim. I did buy both belts. double checked, and am using the 41668 belt. That is the one that is 6-7" too long. I was reading the number off the invoice when I wrote this, sorry.
Matt. I followed Terry Reed's instructions for JDParts. As mentioned in my first post, I keep getting "no match" on JDParts when I enter the deck's type #. See if you can get better results, if you would please. I'll try your route too.
Another topic. Maybe for Terry Reed. I can't send e-mails by clicking on the person's link on WFM. I get an error about about pop 3. Can't find mention of this in my internet settings. where else would i look to correct this? I can't even contact Terry about this.

Ray, I'm coming up with the M41668 belt as the secondary (blade to blade) for a model 48 on a 140 tractor, too. Length given for it is 98.100". The primary belt is actually shorter for this combination.

Perhaps you are not putting it on correctly and that is forgivable because it is a bit tricky. Another remote possibility is the belt is mis-marked. Try measuring the length along the O.D. of the belt. Not completely accurate, but good enough to see if it is close to 98.100".

There used to be a decal on the deck covers that showed the belt routing. Maybe someone has a photo with a belt installed to help you.

Maybe you can follow this illustration. #9 is the secondary belt. #8 is the primary belt.

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Ray, pop3 is one type of email protocol. If you can normally send emails outside of WFM, perhaps clicking the link in WFM is using a different email program on your computer that is not set up right.

That's the way my belt routing goes. The pic is the clue to my trouble. Mine has an extension going to the left at 90 deg from the square hole end of #15.I was expecting to hook the spring to that. I don't have #17. I'll take the pulley back off and see if I can hook the long end of the spring into that hole in #15, or make a hole if that will make the belt and spring work. I'll probably have to buy or make #17 to hook the spring to a spindle bolt.The hook on the old spring was rusted off and the spring was bent to form a new hook and just hooked under a spindle bolt. In doing so the spring was much shorter than stock, which had me confused. (not too difficult). I'll let you guys know how it works out.
As for the pop 3 stuff. Yes my e-mail works fine anywhere else. I'll have to wait 'til my daughter comes for a visit. She is much much better at sorting out computer stuff. 'til then maybe I can try sending an e-mail to a member here from outside WFM. I have great patience with little kids but not for #@%* computer stuff.
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Everything fits together when I cut that extra arm off. The extra arm on part #15 was apparently welded on by a PO to avoid buying a new spring. the piece extended out beyond the pulley so that the broken spring would reach, but made for the new spring not fitting.The spring cost $8. Go Figure.
The deck had several coats of paint, a couple of those with a brush, no belt routing diagram.
I welded up seven cracks, a couple of rust holes, rebuilt the wear points on all the linkage,sandblasted, and painted it. Now I can put it back on the 140 and put it away for the winter.
Thanks for the help guys.
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